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Spring Brook Farm Maple Cream

Spring Brook Farm Maple Cream

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Imagine all the delicious flavor of maple syrup in a whipped and spreadable form, and you have Vermont’s own Spring Brook Farms maple cream. With a texture akin to smooth peanut butter and an intensely delicious flavor profile, our maple cream is sweet, but not cloying, and surprisingly complex. A one ingredient wonder, spread this incredible condiment like butter on everything from English muffins and biscuits, to scones, toast and so much more!

Maple from 100% maple syrup, maple cream, despite the name, contains no dairy. Made by heating grade A maple syrup until it reaches a certain temperature, then quickly lowering the heat and stirring continuously, you can transform maple syrup into a thick and viscous spreadable dream. Thanks to the process of crystallization Spring Brook Farms changes a pourable syrup into a scoopable spreadable condiment, allowing you to add the uniquely delicious flavor of maple to so many more of your favorite recipes.

Our delightful Maple Cream is produced at Spring Brook Farm’s sugar house. Built in 1961, it originally had 2500 taps producing an average of 400 gallons of syrup per year. Over the years, the farm has grown, and with it, their line of exceptional maple-based products. Try their delightful maple cream for yourself today and experience the full potential of syrup.

The Farms for City Kids Foundation; is run by Spring Brook farms and hosts programs that give urban children a firsthand farming experience. All proceeds from the sale of their maple products support the organization. A naturally delicious product you can feel good about enjoying not only for its own sake but for the opportunities it provides for those in need!

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