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Suehiro Ponzu Sauce

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Located in Tatsuno City in Hyogo Prefecture, Suehiro Shoyu has been brewing usukuchi shoyu (light colored soy sauce) using traditional methods since 1879. Tatsuno City is the birthplace of usukuchi shoyu, where it has been brewed since the 1600s. 

Suehiro Shoyu is known for the production of high quality, top notch soy sauce, and this ponzu sauce is no exception. They use a blend of four different kinds of Japanese citrus: Yuzu for aroma, Sudachi for acidity, Daidai for sweetness & Yukou for mildness. The floral/citrus fragrance is unlike any other, and it does not stop there - the beautiful flavor of the citrus is balanced by the soy sauce and mirin. This is further elevated by the umami from the dashi infused with Ma Konbu (a premium kind of kelp) added to this product. Use as a dipping saue, for noodle dishes, raw fish, veggies, mayonnaise, and noodles.