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Burnout Box

Burnout Box

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Here's our curated collection of tools to help combat burnout and anxiety. We've found these to be helpful for us (especially in conjunction with things like exercise, eating well and getting rest). 

- Heilbron Herbs Ashwagandha is the most potent we've found: An adaptogenic herb known for its stress-relief properties, sleep improvement, and memory enhancement. We have loved incorporating it into our daily routine. We add a teaspoon to our smoothies or to a glass of water and shoot it down - we call it a "dirt shot".  Take it before bed for lucid dreams! 

- 11:11 Multivitamin Mushroom Tincture: This powerful blend includes Reishi, which helps reduce stress and fatigue while fighting inflammation. Turkey tail contributes to gut health and cognitive function, and research indicates its potential in boosting cancer-fighting cells. Lions mane, the "smart mushroom," stimulates brain cell growth, aids in anxiety and depression, regulates blood sugar, and is explored for its applications in ADD, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. Chaga serves as a stress reducer and antioxidant powerhouse.

- Sleep Tea by Leaves & Flowers: This tonic, brimming with herbs and plants, promotes relaxation, aids in falling asleep, and ensures you wake up feeling refreshed, without the grogginess. Keep your cuppa away from your cat as the blend contains catnip! We were so confused when our cat kept clawing at the bag until we looked at the ingredients (lol). 

-  Magnesium by Wooden Spoon: This delightful nighttime drink is not only delicious but it also offers a plethora of benefits. It alleviates nighttime worries, supports the nervous system, boosts energy levels, nurtures gut health, and enhances muscle, bone, dental health, all while providing essential hydrating electrolytes.

If we've sold out or you want to order multiples as gifts, please email us at:, and we can place a special order.

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