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Pojer & Sandri Red Wine Vinegar

Pojer & Sandri Red Wine Vinegar

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Pojer & Sandri's Red Wine Vinegar from the Dolomiti is produced with a blend of local Blaufrankisch, Zweigelt, Negrara, Groppelo, and Pino Nero grapes, which reflect the cool mountain environment.

With a medium body reminiscent of a great Pinot Noir, Pojer e Sandri's Red Wine Vinegar is robust and tangy with notes of late-harvest raisins, dried apples and a subtle woodsy finish.

Great in dressings for salads with radicchio, arugula, or tannic vegetables such as artichokes. Superb when used for deglazing pork or meat roasts and to add a bright note to cured meats and stews.

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