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Meyer Lemon Kiwi 'Confetti' (Marmalade)

Meyer Lemon Kiwi 'Confetti' (Marmalade)

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Notes: Bright, tart, bold. 

The Jams Origins 
Our Meyer Lemon Kiwi 'Confetti' Marmalade is wild and exciting—one of the newer jam combinations created - and absolutely the most challenging/rewarding.

The Fruits Origins 

Kiwifruit is native to central and eastern China with the first recorded description of the kiwifruit dates to 12th century China during the Song dynasty.  While usually collected from the wild and consumed for medicinal purposes, kiwis were cultivated and spread to New Zealand in the early 20th century, where the fruit became commercially grown and popular with British and American servicemen stationed in New Zealand during World War II.  This Kiwi finds itself grown in the San Joaquin Valley in Northern California.

Meyer lemons may also surprise you as they are a hybrid citrus fruit native to China as many recognize Meyers as the supreme California 'citron' due to Alice Waters popularizing the fruit during the rise of California cuisine in the 1970s.  The Meyers for this fruit come from a wonderful organic farm in Southern California.  

*Meyer lemons, kiwis, *cane sugar, *lemon juice
*certified organic

May contain seeds!
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